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UCA College of Asia has been given a government permit to operate its bachelor degree. UCACOA is offering one of the most extensive and advantageous courses in the Philippines - Bachelor of Technical Vocational Teacher Education (BTVTEd).


BTVTEd is an upgraded version of Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education. This course focuses on producing teachers with strong theoretical understanding of teaching and technology and practical exposure in industry. It has many variation and specialization which has said to break the rules of a traditional teacher.

This extensive course gives students the knowledge and skills to be able to teach technical-vocational courses which involve various education subjects. And with UCACOA's licensed instructors, they will be trained and equipped ti be the next generation of 21st century teachers.

Possible job landings:
 • Technical Instructor
 • Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teacher
 • Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Teacher
 • Vocational Teacher
 • TVET Trainer and Assessor
 • University Professor
 • Computer and Network Administrator
 • Entrepreneur / Employee
 • TESDA Trainer
 • Computer Technician
 • IT Technical Support Officer
 • Technical Support Representative
 • Computer Hardware Specialist