School Aims and Objectives

1. To instill love for Christ and for the Christian Church and do all things for His glory.

2. To guide the students in the development of scripturally approved goals and values.

3. To possess both Scriptural and personal knowledge of Christ who is the Word (Logos). He is God’s supreme, general communication of Himself to man.

4. To develop a personal relationship with God and to be attuned to the Divine mind.

5. To realize that rational mind with a microcosmic mind in the image of God. He is God’s most important creature. To know that subject matter in the physical sciences attempt to explain the universe, which God created for thought and problem solving.

6. To present Christian Theism and Christian faith in Christ as an imperative.

7. To present the plan of salvation through faith in Christ as an imperative.

8. To understand that sanctification is the moral goal to man. The moral standard is love not indifferent but unselfish benevolence.

9. To recognize the Holy Spirit as the agent of God’s revelation to men and as the agent by which man reacts to God’s personal revelation.

10. To develop the pupils and students intellectually, physically, morally, socially, spiritually and creatively.

11. To develop responsible citizens dedicated to the common good of their church, community, state & world.

12. To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be economically efficient as consumers and producers.

13. To develop love and respect for the members of the family and revere Christ as the head.

14. To develop and practice health awareness.

15. To develop vocational skills that will help make morality possible.

16. To acquire and practice Christian values.