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United Christian Academy is the school that cares for the students' future. In line with this, UCA is inclined in developing and shaping the students' need in spiritual, physical, social, intellectual, and academic matters. Therefore, UCA is continuously being recognized and accredited by various institutions that stand for quality education, which produces skilled professionals and leaders of different industries worldwide.

UCA offers the best online learning experience to its students. In the midst of COVID-19 threat, we will bring quality education right at your doorsteps. You are now few clicks away from your future!

Stay safe. Learn at home. Enroll now at UCA Online.


Accessible nationwide using various devices, such as mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets anytime, anywhere


Reduce the cost of your school expenditures and no need to purchase books, uniforms, transportation services, daily food allowances, and more


User-friendly interface with messaging system and less buffer time when loading videos
Safety, Progress and Budget

Watch as UCA School Head Rev. Dr. James Sy addresses three major concerns of parents regarding their children's education amidst COVID-19 pandemic: SAFETY, PROGRESS and BUDGET.

UCA also launches its Distance Learning Program to secure continuity of education at the safety of your homes.


Watch as UCA School Head Rev. Dr. James Sy addresses five major features of UCA ONLINE! Safety and Security, Mode of Learning, Accessibility, Reliability, and Time-Efficiency (S.M.A.R.T).

UCA also launches its UCA ONLINE ON-THE-GO as a safety net to secure continuity of education.

Are You Ready for Online Distance Learning?

Having doubts about online learning? Still undecided what school is best for your child? Make the best choice with UCA Online! UCA prepared tutorials and orientations for you to be equipped for online learning.

Be an empowered parent that will usher your child to success.


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Watch and be blessed as you join us on the UCF Sunday Worship Service streaming at 9:00 AM every Sunday. 

Seek the Word of God. Experience His great love. Know His perfect will. Streaming at 7:00 PM every Wednesday.

Be equipped to serve the Lord in the ministry. Enrollment is open to all UCF members, trainees and workers.